The Perfect Dream for the City of Norfolk!

Norfolk has always been an industrial city and large manufactures. In order to for there to be sustainability within Norfolk, we need to create more things that would make it a more sustainable environment.  The City of Norfolk needs to be is more environmentally-friendly, economically friendly, and socially equitable. To make all of these ideas possible, there … Continue reading

“The Sharable Future of Cities”

How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century? 8 billion or more Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”. I agree wit him about our energy being predestined because we rely so much on the energy … Continue reading

Abstract 1: Overview and Impact

Brooks, D. (2001). Facing Up to Our Fears. Newsweek, 138(17), 66. We, as Americans, cannot fully face up to our fears because we have great difficulties trying to rise above them. . Most people fear about dying on interstate or getting cancer. However, this is different because these are things that people are used to, and nations … Continue reading

My Relationship with Technology

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always had a great relationship with technology. During school, being on the computer was one of the best parts of the day for me. I loved going on the internet to view funny stuff or play games. I also loved playing around with the applications on … Continue reading